Our Approach towards general corporate performance improvement

We follow a four-step process:

The First Meeting:

During our initial interaction with clients a general discussion about their business takes place. We touch on internal and external issues, perceptions, problems, fears, aspirations plans for the future and so on. These discussions are structured in such a way that it results in us obtaining an overview of the client company without undue delay, and to the extent that even at this early stage of the business relationship, we are able to determine the kind of consulting intervention that may be required, or if in fact any such an intervention is required.

The Analysis:

However, usually the aforementioned discussions lead the way to the client providing us with the opportunity to conduct an analysis of the entire company - from top-to-bottom and side-to-side, in order for us to achieve a better understanding of the client company. The purpose of the in-depth analysis is therefore and simply put, to get to know everything we need to know about the company in its current form and with its current results, and so on.

At the conclusion of the analysis, we present the client with our findings in simple and easy terms and in a way where real business decisions can be made on the findings of the analysis conducted. At all times we also provide the client with a clear understanding of the benefits and costs of a typical performance improvement implementation plan, together with schedules of specific events which are to take place and timeframes for the total performance improvement program - (the "Key Events Schedule" of the implementation plan).

The Implementation Project:

The actual implementation of events and activities aimed at turning the client organisation around is referred to as "the implementation project". This is where Corporate Performance Improvement Services have established itself as the SMME strategic and operational plan implementation expert. When and if you meet with us we shall provide you the client, with more details concerning the actual implementation program.

Client Service Phase:

At the conclusion of the performance improvement implementation program, we have one or two "project closure and hand-over" meetings when we also agree to a specific communication model between the client and Corporate Performance Improvement Services.