Our history

From humble beginnings way back in 1994 when many South African organisations were being offered "business problem solutions" by foreign-based management consulting companies who did not at all times honestly know and understand local, South African conditions under which local, South African companies and organisations had to operate, our founder Dion Knoesen, identified the need for an inexpensive, proudly ethical and truly South African management consulting company that could meet local needs and deliver on promises made.

Millions of rands were being charged for so-called "internationally bench-marked solutions" when in many cases the "solutions" caused more problems than companies and organisations could wish to avoid. And while "Big Business" could spend vast amounts of money on international experts, small to medium enterprises had to fight for their proverbial lives very often because they could not afford the luxury of having a management consulting company at their side when one was desperately needed.

This is where Dion positioned Corporate Performance Improvement Services.

In the SMME arena is where Dion saw the important role that a management consulting company could play in the day-to-day lives of South African SMME's, there was a need for much more than management consulting companies who also at great expense, provided short, generic training courses "aimed at creating an educational base from which would stem future business studies" - most of these courses were simply put, "quick-fix solutions". But there were business needs within SMME's - real business needs where management consulting expertise could have prevented so many SMME companies from going under.

Sadly, the 1990's was a time when there was a plethora of management consulting companies, each one claiming to be the best-of-the-best, and yet, South African SMME companies were ignored simply because the "effort versus the gains" were out of balance to the international experts.

Today, some eighteen years later, Corporate Performance Improvement Services are still delivering on promises made - we are still in business and we are still a friend of South African SMME's!